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May 4, 2015 - The 6 Most Important Things I learned in the Founder Institute

1. Virtually everything you need to create a viable start-up is available online and most of it is free or very low cost.

I came into the Founder Institute knowing essentially nothing about creating an online business.  Virtually everything I needed to perform live customer research, demonstrate proof of concept, calculate projected revenue and create a clickable prototype was available to me online (much of it free or at very low cost!)

2. At FI, you earn every gain and achievement yourself

The Founder Institute Pointed us in the right direction to accomplish our goals, but never spoon fed us information. We had to teach ourselves how to create and promulgate national surveys, establish proof of concept, project revenue streams and develop clickable prototyps and pitch-decks.

3. Fear Can be a Great Motivator

Many of us are used to comfortable learning experiences in academia where we pay our tuition and simply 'learn'. However, the perceived harshness & intensity of some of the work critiques we received were actually a refreshing slap in the face to motivate us to achieve more and give us a dose of real world work experience.

4. The Founder Institute would make a GREAT REALITY TV SHOW! 

​The intensity of personal struggles, the sometimes harsh (though extremely motivating) criticism, the interpersonal dynamics between team members and the air of competition all make this an idea candidate for a reality tv show!

​5. Having a Peer Network of Cohorts speeds up your education 

The experience of being in different working groups which shifted throughout the Institute gave me an excellent exposure to many different perspectives of problem solving and creativity.

6.  FI Pushes you beyond your limits and you will leave with enhanced skills and confidence

The Institute forces you to go beyond what you may be comfortable in believing you can do and you will leave with the skills required to bootstrap an online business from start to finish and funding.